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This report supplement contains two documents produced by the Zambian government’s Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development (MMMD) in 2022 in response to President Hichilema’s goal for the country to produce 3 million tons per annum (tpa) of copper by 2032. Taken together, they provide the most authoritative and comprehensive look Searchlight has seen into the Zambian government’s plans to revitalize the country's mining industry.


Both documents were provided by a credible contact in Zambia and neither contains any markings to indicate restricted use or classification. However, Searchlight has not encountered them online.


National Mineral Resources Development Policy 2022

  • Description: Discusses 12 policy objectives and 55 policy measures to achieve 3 million tpa of copper by 2032.
  • Length: 22 pages.


National Mineral Resources Development Policy Implementation Plan 2022 - 2027

  • Description: Proposes a budget of ZMW 893,246,391 ZMW (approximately USD 33,000,000) to be allocated across more than 100 line items, along with indicators and implementing institutions for each item.
  • Length: 29 pages.

Ground Truth in Zambia: Supplement

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