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We provide the information others cannot acquire 

 to facilitate investments in global infrastructure

and critical material supply chains

Ensuring a better future

The world needs far more physical infrastructure and more robust mineral supply chains.

Many of those investments require information that does not exist online. Too often, that fact results in unfortunate decisions or ends the conversation before it begins.

That need not be the case.

A washed out, impassable road in rural Tanzania
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​Searchlight's personnel leverage their elite military intelligence experience and business acumen to provide on-the-ground  risk assessments, due diligence, site selection support, and long-term reporting in challenging environments.

We work with you to identify information gaps and follow up with weeks of field work to tap into local knowledge, uncover risks, and find solutions.

Every investment entails unique circumstances.

We take a bespoke approach to each project to identify local risks and opportunities based on your priorities and the local environment.

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We are a growing team of military veterans and business professionals dedicated to ensuring a brighter, cleaner future.​

The world - especially the developing world - needs investment in infrastructure and mineral supply chains if we are to have in a better future.


Searchlight is here to provide the information investors and companies need succeed while they ensure that future becomes reality.

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