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Who We Are

Searchlight is a growing team of military veterans and business professionals dedicated to ensuring a brighter, cleaner future.

The company was founded two brothers who served as intelligence officers in the U.S. Marines and experienced firsthand the value of ground truth information when making high-stakes decisions.


While attending MBA programs, they recognized many of the information gaps that appear in business decisions in remote environments - because they had spent years finding solutions to those same issues.​

Leadership Team

Photo of Ben Kallas

Ben Kallas

Chief Executive Officer

Ben began his career as a Marine Corps ground intelligence officer. Following a nine-month deployment to Afghanistan, he transitioned to become a reconnaissance officer. He left the Marines to attend Harvard Business School.

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Photo of Sam Kallas

Sam Kallas

Chief Operating Officer

Sam began his career as a Marine Corps counterintelligence / human intelligence (CI/HUMINT) officer. He led 3d CI/HUMINT Company in Okinawa, Japan, then became an intelligence instructor. He left the Marines to attend Kellogg School of Management.

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